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1 Apr

I have been accused of feeding people ,but not eating myself ! My sister swears at me for this:)

I have to admit …it’s true . I do have an eating disorder.It comes and goes .Since high school.

Back then a therapist asked me if I was doing it for a guy ! Hmm …no ! I was 14 when my dad told me I was looking chubby !

Most of my cousins ( on my dad’s side ) except for one are on the tiny side.Including at that time my sister .Hence it made me very self concious ,as I was taking after my mom’s side.One of my aunts toldme ,” You have  the broad German shoulders”😦 Not the picture of femininity ,I thought

Part of it, is due to my insulin deficiency .During Pregnancy,is when I gain weight .It’s about the only time it does not effect me because I am more concerned with the babies health .In all my pregnancies I must of also bought several dopplers( as some are more superior then others)to hear my babies heart beats.This occurred after my loss of twins that I became obsessed with hearing the heat beats.

With my son ,when I did not hear the heart beat ( as sometimes catching the heart beat can be difficult ) I rushed straight into triage)… that when I was ready to have him the triage nurse said wow ! Your actually here this time to have your baby:) lol

What really gave me a scare was my mother !I won’t lie ! She is a fruit loop! Her entire family avoids her ,like the plague !

My oldest nephew uses this to his benefit ! but that is an ugly story in my life.With a nephew who told me that my children ,have taken away part of his inheritance.And that he thinks I had the nerves to have them ! And smiled as he placed my son in danger.He and my mother are written off for LIFE !!!!! I believe in Karma and what you sow bites you several times back in your ARSE !

I realize i spent all my life trying to be accepted by my mom .I forgave her for the most hideous things she has done to me .

But what last occurred was the end of me forgiving both my mom and nephew.And one day when my oldest nephew has kids..I wonder if he would want harm to come to them …as he has laughed and smiled at the harm he tried to place my children in .

(anyway I am getting off topic …)

I use to spend time telling people not to eat my mom’s food.She cooks meat that has turned brown and even once served our family one thanksgiving a turkey she kept in the freezer for 12 years ! We all puked it out ! And we got her to admit it was that turkey she was keeping in the freezer for over a decade( reason unknown )

My husband told me not to touch any food in her house.But not being too mobile …strangely ,because I don’t eat meat ,I had a craving for meat and ate sausage she had in her fridge ! I puked ! I felt the most ill ever . I could not hold up! I went straight to prenatal triage ! I was scared out of my life ! I thought I would loose my son ! turns out I had food poisoning ! I had to drink water all night.they gave me that option to keep drinking water and hydrate myself or stay in the hospital on intravenous . My husband said he would make sure I kept drinking .Which he did .Even when I could not hold up and felt like puking !

My pregnancies have been the only thing that I have beaten my eating disorder for .Now being that I spend my pregnancies on bed rest ,I gain a lot of weight and after I am back with my eating logic  .( as I call it )

But I love feeding people ! Can you figure that one out ? I also have so many kitchen gadgets .Even some in multiples.

Okay the part of multiples ,is where my compulsive disorder comes up .Don’t worry my compulsive disorder backs off when I become so sick  of having too much .Then in the past what I do is donate them to those who don’t have much .

I love trying out recipes. I am actually holding my sister a May back yard birthday celebration .Having no clue if it will be too cold I have already bought an outdoor fireplace for it .A night of Mediterranean foods.okay mostly Italian ( puglia region ) ,where my in-laws are from .

Then for my daughter’s birthday a week later- it’s Cantonese !!!Being half Cantonese ,it’s a no brainer! My grandfather was a chef in china .I am by far no way as good as he is …but I did get some skill from him:)

Feel free to like my face book page .Will be posting pictures in the upcoming months of the events !

Benefits of home made Almond milk

10 Mar

Commercial almond milk contains  carrageenan which is a preservative to help it have a long shelf life.

Some scientist have have brought certain factors to our attention to obtain references click here 

Their is some great almond milk recipes that can be found on line .The kitchn blog has a good one 

It’s an excellent alternative for people with allergies.Can easily be incorporated into a raw food diet.

Great alternative for lactose intolerance people.

Better the soya milk for you .And in my lowly opinion tastes better as well .

Lower in calories then milk :):)

And is nutritiousIf you make Almond milk the pulp residue can be used in desert recipes:)

like these delicious cookies

Cream together:
1 cup sugar
1 cup earth balance margarine

Add and mix well:
2 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon (optional)
1 cup almond pulp

Add, mixing with hands:
2 1/2 cups all purpose flour

Chill for a couple of hours, then roll out and cut (Just use a small glass to make circles). Sprinkle with cinnamon and bake 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees. You get almost six-dozen, 1-inch cookies.

Almond Steamer

7 Mar

almond milk recipe
( will post later ) too tired tonight.I do not buy store bought because it has preservatives,to expand shelf life !Whats the use then !
I add vanilla and almond essence and cinnamon !


roasted broccoli panini

5 Mar

one in a while ,a couple times a year I eat meat,fish or poultry.It usually is when I have a weird need.Since I was younger the thought of eating most types of meat would literally make me il . I end up feeling quite il after I do .
I also have to watch my diet period as I have stein levanthal aka pcos. Mr leventhal first described it in 1935,in also associating it with ovarian cysts.
Insulin resistance appears to play a central role with ovaries being one of the central organs affected.
many other players but I wont get into a lengthy medical history .
Many women with pcos (50 percent ) are obese but not all of us !
A friend of mine had badly thinning hair,which is commonly associated with it .My self I have a full thick head of hair but what did affect me was fertility .With many women having this syndrom I took the advise of many and became a vegan! lol not that hard to do when I was already basically a vegetarian! but I also cut out dairy.I use dairy substitutes .Okay also not that hard to do when my asian side of my family including me is sensitive to dairy .I not as bad as others but I break out in nasty rashes when I drink homo milk. I ate the pork roll my dad made with lean ground pork.Not even much but I have to admit I felt nauseated for a whole day after.
My husband and son on the other hand wont touch vegetables! the closes is my mother in laws pasta sauce.
Anyways the vegan cheese I can eat the whole bag if you left me alone !
anyways here is my typical diner:)
salad -cocktail tomatoes and green olives
sandwich- roasted broccoli,vegan cheese and tomato panini
drool !!




indoor house league medals

4 Mar




New recipe! pumpkin and shrimp

4 Mar

I thought I would try to cook a pumpkin. Pumpkin and Shrimp sounded good. I decided though to alter the recipe because I am not one that can eat spices!
First I realized pumpkin is a bitch to cut! Holy !
My solution is I placed the piece of pumpkin my friend gave me in a pot and boiled for 5 minutes then cut and placed in the food processor:)
for the hassle and danger of cutting a pumpkin someone else would have to make it for me.
hope it stores well as looking at the amount it made ill be eating it for awhile! lol my husband and son wont touch vegetables!
recipe found on line




Spent lunch hour making “pork rolls” with my dad

2 Mar 20140304-050722.jpg

My grandfather was a chef in  Canton ,China.(now called Guangzhou )

He was constantly cooking.Now my aunt took off with his cook books from my dad’s house when he past away

So now all we have is my dad’s memories of how he made certain dishes/appetizers and entrées




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